RPX Patent Insurance

Insuring against the costs of NPE litigation is a natural extension of RPX's core defensive patent acquisition service. Both our core service and our Patent Infringement Liability Insurance are designed to help companies transform an unknown, unquantifiable operating exposure into a manageable business risk.

Membership and insurance coverage leverage RPX's proprietary, in-depth market data to deliver a customized and cost-effective defense against the NPE threat. And, our Panel Counsel program and Collaborative DefenseSM service enable targeted companies to cost-effectively fight NPE litigations with a best-in-class legal defense.


RPX Patent Infringement Liability Insurance reimburses legal costs and some settlement costs incurred by operating companies in litigations initiated by most NPEs. The base policy provides limits of up to $5 million annually to cover litigation costs incurred to defend against patent infringement suits brought by NPEs in US federal district court (International Trade Commission actions are excluded from the coverage, as are intellectual property indemnification obligations). The policy also can cover costs associated with re-examinations and declaratory judgments. Each policy carries a self-insured retention between $50,000 and $500,000. Policyholders must be members of the RPX client network. An applicant that is not currently an RPX client company may concurrently apply for both membership and insurance.

General Terms

  • Defendant in US District Court
  • NPE plaintiffs
  • Defense Costs and resolution payments
  • Approved re-exams and DJs


  • Retentions: $25,000 to $500,000
  • Copayment: 20% (25% without Panel Counsel
  • Policy Limit: $5 million

Special Terms

  • Provisions for acquisition and/or change of control
  • Litigation stage cap protection